Church For All Nations is

A fellowship
A cohesive family
A safe refuge
A hospital for the broken
A refill of grace and mercy
A dancefloor for the undignified
A life-changing sermon
A temple of the living God
A gathering of Jesus freaks
A miracle in motion
A training ground for a battlefield
An encounter with the mighty rushing wind
A majestic warhorse
An immaculate bride eagerly awaiting her groom
And we open our arms and hearts to you.


A servant. A shepherd. A teacher. A visionary. Meet the pastor who plays multiple roles.


Birthed with a mandate, Pastor Srini founded El Shaddai Ministries. Over the years, a single man’s God-given vision of ‘Discipling the nations and reaching the unreached’ has been sowed in the hearts of his diverse congregation. And that seed has starting taking root. Church For All Nations carries the vision and burden in their hearts and here onward it just get’s even more unstoppable.

Pastor Srinivasan believes in an Empowering God to Empower People. With a generous measure of God’s grace, he actively strives to Discover the talent in his flock. Zealously helps them Develop it. And meticulously trains them to Deploy it. All for the furtherance of the Kingdom.



We, the children of God are created in His image. Based on this simple truth, we are bound to be excellent. We are created to have dominion. We are history-makers. But, some of us just haven’t seen ourselves this way. And some others just don’t know it yet. We the Church For All Nations help you to discover your God-given identity and gifting and use it for your God-given purpose.

The potter has found his lump of clay.


Let Him write in your heart. Surrender your life to Him for a makeover. Give the Lord a chance to work on the inside, before He can work through you. The Church For All Nations believes in training before plunging into your God-given calling.

The clay is being shaped.


Align yourself with God’s great commission. Find your place in God’s great army. Prepare to organize your spiritual gifts to effectively understand your calling. Take your calling to the ends of the world to please your Maker.

From the pot will living waters flow.

The corner office built on the Cornerstone. Meet our office bearers.

Associate Pastors

Pastor Viera

Pastor Sneha

Church Elders




Support team




JSS International School Auditorium,
Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.
Friday, 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.


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